You cannot Improve what you do not Measure 

WOP is everything you need

A fully integrated system, hardware and software, monitoring constantly your production performance 

Get rid of manual tracking and spreadsheets. Benefit from automatic and accurate data collection

Understand your performance, ​improve your productivity and quality, reduce your cost and be more profitable


            Automatic, accurate, real time            data collection.
Easy to read dashboard
Your OEE, downtime, quality and performance KPI's ...
24h/day under control !


Real time feedback on your performance.
Easy to read charts and reports
Understand your real performance

Identify clearly your downtime             and losses cause !


WOP gives you a clear Picture of your Manufacturing Efficiency, identifying the Opportunities for Improvement

Now take action !

WOP - One system - many advantages

Automatic and accurate data collection - save your time and money 
Monitor your performance - OEE, downtime, quality KPI´s in real time 
Identify clearly your downtime and losses cause - understand your real performance
Increase awareness and transparency - boost personnel commitment 
Identify opportunities for improvement - take action

​ Increase productivity, capacity and competitiveness    

 ​ Reduce your cost and Make more Profit  


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing.
One of its 4 design principles is about "Information Transparency": the aggregation of raw sensor data to higher-value context information to make all relevant information available at any time and to be able to control the all network of value creation in real time. Another import principle is about "Technical assistance": the ability of assistance systems to support humans by aggregating and visualizing information comprehensibly for making informed decisions and solving urgent problems on short notice.

WOP offers an important contribution to help the client reaching both of these principles and making an important step forward into the future.